Monday, September 10th, 2018.

Teenagers admit that all of this new technology has been a distraction to what is going on around them. The strength of their relationships with humans have decreased and in many cases caused fluctuation in their grades. Most of the fluctuation is trending towards a downward spiral. Yet, a striking amount of students (30%) in their teens (ranging from 13 to 17) have also said they wish their parents would get off their devices too. A parent paying more attention to their child has become a rarity. Also, an overwhelming amount of students (72%) believe tech companies manipulate each phone to entice them into spending more time learning their nuances. Every phone manufacturer blatantly shows the different features they have added available for download which puts the users data storage in many cases into crisis mode. Along with all of these new apps comes the competition to be the most popular. Snapchat and Instagram are on the top of that list with an estimated 81% of teenagers using them. These two apps almost create withdrawal symptoms when they're not being used. The biggest downfall in technology of course is the mass amount of teens being bullied (13%). In my opinion, social media rules need to get updated just like the technology driving it does. We all could use an update and yes, Im including myself in that statement.


Wednesday, August 23rd, 2018.

I support sending humans to Mars. That is the only way we will ever know if we can exist there or not. I know they sent rovers there to see what the atmosphere is like etc. But, we need to send humans too. There was a big debate about just this topic with a Senate subcommittee just this week. One of NASA's former chief scientist, Ellen Stofan, who now leads the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, argued that, If we truly want to find and understand any potential traces of ancient life on the Red Planet, robots can't do it alone we'll need humans on the ground. While I'm optimistic that life did evolve on Mars, I'm not optimistic that it got very complex, so we're talking about finding fossil microbes. That's why I do think it will take humans on the planet, breaking open a lot of rocks to try to actually find this evidence of past life. And finding one sample is not good enough; you need multiple samples to understand the diversity," Stofan said. I tell you what, I will be the first guy to suit up for that mission.


Friday, July 13th, 2018.

Kylie Jenner has graced the cover of Forbes Magazine this week. She is predicted to soon be youngest person ever to become a Billionaire at 20 years old. Right now she has a net worth of 900 million. The previous record is held by Bill Gates back in 1987. He was 31 and I also think Mark Zuckerberg did the same. Jenner said she was thankful to be recognized and that she dreamt of being on the cover of Forbes. She earned nearly 19 million in one day on a release during the Christmas holiday in 2017. As for my goal, yeah, it's a little more conservative. I'll celebrate if I've become a thousandaire before I graduate next summer. I've heard college can get pretty expensive.


Friday, July 19th, 2018.

An owner of a company gave his worker his own car today, on his first day of work at that. A guy named Walter Carr had to be at work but his car broke down. So instead of making up an excuse, he left walking in the middle of the night. The place of business in Birmingham Alabama was 20 miles from his house and he didn't want to be late. A police officer saw him walking in the middle of the night and asked him where he was going. Impressed by his grit, the officer invited him to breakfast. A few days later, the owner of the company heard about what his new worker did and drove from Tennessee to meet him. When they saw each other face to face, the owner gave Walter the keys to his own 2014 Ford Escape. Totally awesome. I want to buy something from that business owner.


Tuesday, August 21st, 2018.

There is an awesome new drone out there that is now considered to be a must have in the security world. It's called, "The Drone Hunter". Fortem CEO Timothy Bean, says it patrols your airspace and detects any unwanted objects. Like enemy drones or other robotics. When it detects them, it pursues them and safely captures them too. Then it tows them away to a safe location. Bean believes that the technology his company has developed could transform the way such public spaces are policed. Places like stadiums, outdoor events and refineries need this type of new technology protecting their assets.


Friday, July 27th, 2018.

Disney announced today they were getting rid of single-use plastic straws and plastic stirrers. This includes all of their parks across the globe. Annually, it will reduce more then 175 million straws and 13 million stirrers. Along with these changes, they said there are many more on the way. The official announcement says, "Todays announcement is more than about reducing single-use plastic waste, its also about showing millions of kids and adults from around the world the many ways we can change our daily habits to care for the oceans and protect nature that sustains us all". As I am getting older, I am starting to care about more things that help the environment.


Sunday, August 12th, 2018.

Brooks Koepka beasts his way to his second major of the season. Its really incredible, he said considering how early in the year he thought he wasnt going to play at all with a season ending injury. He won the U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills to setup what he did today. This is his third career major in the last year and a half including the U.S. Open win at Erin Hills. Koepka now has three times the number of major wins as his gym pal, Dustin Johnson. With this PGA Championship win, he is making his own case to be considered the best golfer in the world.


Friday, July 31st, 2018.

Mars is going to be the biggest and brightest it's ever been tonight. All you have to do is go outside and look up and you'll probably find it. You can contact a planetarium or start your own star party. Mars will appear brightest from July 27 to July 30 and the closest approach is July 31st, 2018. That is the point date in Mars' orbit when it comes closest to Earth. The next closest day will be October 6th, 2020 if you miss this one.


Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018.

Isn't it hilarious and scary at the same time to spot a crocodile using a pool noodle? This past week In Florida, a crocodile had a little help and support swimming the canal in Key Largo. Many people who saw the pool noodle in the canal had a question about who was riding the noodle. A local resident, Victor Perez, looked a little closer and quickly realized it was a crocodile using the pool noodle.


Saturday, July 28th, 2018.

There was a lady in Ashland, Oregon who came home and found a big cat sleeping behind her sofa. She thinks the cat was drinking from her pond in the backyard. She banged on a drum to get the lion to leave her house and go home.


Tuesday, August 10th, 2021.

This Sunday night, the 2021 Perseid Meteor Shower will be visible. To see it just look towards the northeastern sky.



Tuesday, August 6th, 2018.

Electric cars are good for people.


Tuesday, August 6th, 2018.

Perched bird.



Tuesday, August 4th, 2018.